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Here at Modelleria GR we offer repair and maintenance services for patterns and moulds. Specifically, we deal with:

  • Repairing of damaged parts
  • Replacement of missing parts
  • Reconstruction of worn parts
  • Overhaul and repainting

The service may include some or all of the following steps:

1. Inspection
The pattern is examined to assess its current condition and identify any damaged areas.

2. Cleaning
f necessary, the model is cleaned to remove dirt, oxide stains or other impurities that could prevent repair or overhaul.

3. Repair
f the pattern is damaged, material may have to be added to fill missing parts and repair worn areas.

4. Overhaul
In some cases, the model may have to be completely overhauled when age and wear have altered its overall characteristics.

The recommended time for overhauling a foundry pattern depends on the material and the specific conditions of use. In general, an overhaul should be performed whenever there is a significant reduction in the quality of the castings produced. Preventive maintenance, followed by timely repair, can help extend the life of the pattern and reduce production costs.

Restore and Renew with Modelleria GR!

We offer complete repair and maintenance services for patterns and moulds. From repairing damaged parts to a complete overhaul, we ensure that every pattern is returned to its best condition.

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