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Foundry pattern and mould design

Patterns and moulds are designed using CAD software for 3D modelling. Drawing on the experience of our designers, we have identified 3 main steps for designing foundry patterns and moulds:

1. Determining the project specifications
This first step allows us to have a clear understanding of the project requirements, such as dimensions, shape and material. This will help us define the 3D design.

2. Creating the 3D pattern/mould
In order to create a 3D model that is accurate in every respect, we use modelling software such as SolidWorks and Cimatron. The 3D model obtained takes into account every aspect of foundry production: drafts, fillet radii, machining allowances, shrinkage, mould and core box removal systems, injection and feeding systems.

3. Generating toolpaths
The final step consists in submitting the 3D design to the customer and, upon its approval, in generating a toolpath with three CAM workstations running Cimatron software. This allows us to simulate the entire manufacturing process, predicting production times and checking for collisions or defects before the model is created.

The designs we create are based on the technical specifications provided by our customers so as to also assess: the correct layout of the patterns on the plate, the correct arrangement of the feeding channels, and the shape and appropriate coupling between the cores, ensuring an optimal casting process.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a process that allows us to reconstruct the 3D design of an existing pattern or mould without having the original design at hand. Here at GR Modelleria, we adopt this technique to restore or modify products from other manufacturers.

From the Idea to the Pattern: High-Quality Design at Modelleria GR!

Our meticulous approach to design, based on advanced CAD software, follows 3 key steps to create flawless foundry patterns and moulds.

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