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We produce fully CNC-machined aluminium patterns of any alloy.

The materials used make the patterns highly wear-resistant, and thus suitable for high-volume production lots, excellent for moulding processes and extremely stable.

Foundry patterns in Avional aluminium

Avional aluminium is a light and strong material used in many industrial applications, including the production of foundry patterns. Due to its mechanical properties, it is highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

Here at Modelleria GR, we use the 7075 aluminium alloy due to its excellent resistance to thermal stresses and machinability; it can be moulded using milling and turning techniques.

Due to its low thermal conductivity, Avional aluminium needs to be processed by specialised technicians capable of handling it as needed to meet the specific requirements of the design phase.

Foundry patterns in Peraluman aluminium

Peraluman aluminium is an alloy developed to improve corrosion resistance. This material contains small amounts of palladium and manganese and has very good mechanical properties compared to pure aluminium.

Here at Modelleria GR, this aluminium is used for the production of foundry moulds due to its good mechanical strength, machinability and wear resistance.

This material is used for the production of moulds with specific requirements set during the design phase. Peraluman aluminium may be the right choice if corrosion resistance is an important factor in the pattern you want to produce.
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